About Us

ptp-fund.com is a fund management company that seeks to serve out every individual regardless of their economic and social status, and various financial needs.

ptp-fund.com was started by Peirre Twine, who used to be a hedge fund manager with over 28 years of experience in the industry. He acquired a base of clients who saw his wit, experience, and investment acumen and sought his service in the fund management area.

ptp-fund.com looks into the uncovered equity space often side-lined and not realised on its true valuation, takes an investment opportunity in good stride and manages the funds on-board, with the assistance of his strong team consisting of 20 analysts from various background and fields.

Peirre Twine values the relationship with his clients and often hold financial talks and updates for his clients to keep them abreast the fund direction. These events are a perfect avenue for open dialogue for Pierre to share his views and insights on financial discoveries in the market.

ptp-fund.com is always looking to service any keen business partners. Reach out to us today at admin@ptp-fund.com

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